Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Me Fill You With My Ecstasy  

Cameron Paul was a freestyle/ electro producer in the SF Bay Area in the 80's to the early 90's. He used to have a radio dance mix show on KSOL (which is now a miserable reggaeton station) and KMEL. He also DJed at City Nights and Studio West. He put out a few records under his own name and he remixed a lot of tracks, including Push It by Salt 'n Peppa for his own Mixx It service. He now lives in Tulsa of all places.

This track from 1989 on Tandem Records is very difficult to classify. Is it electro, is it booty bass, is it hip hop, is it house? Awesome is what it is. With the slam of an 808, the crusty synths, and the vocoded vocals it is a perfect CBS track. Sorry my copy is so jacked.

Cameron Paul - Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix)

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