Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ugly Talented Mix  

Beat Electric was asked to create a special mix for the Manchester UK blog Ugly Talented and here it is.
It is a collection of tunes that have a synthy disco sound and a post disco, boogie feel. Trademarks of this sound are live drums, analogue synthesizers and funky bass lines. The mix follows a continuum of influence and contrasting styles of the music that gets us excited at Beat Electric.

Demis Roussos - I Dig You (7") 1977
Stargard - Wear It Out (Instrumental) 1979
Alphonse Mouzon - I'm Glad That You're Here (Disconet Remix) 1981
One On One - Body Music (Long Version) 1981
Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way That It Feels (12") 1979
Stephanie Mills - Put Your Body In It (12") 1979
Yvonne Gage - Garden Of Eve (Long Version) 1981
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face? (Female Vocal) 1980
Janice Christie - One Love (12") 1985
Funk Deluxe - This Time (Dub Version) 1984
Legacy - Word Up (Instrumental) 1982
Cashmere - Do It Anyway You Wanna (Instrumental)
First Love - It's A Mystery To Me (12") 1982

Dancing in the Clouds Mix

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