Saturday, October 04, 2008

Euro Cosmic  

 "Your posting a track called Disco Spaceship, so why are you using a picture of some old audio gear instead of a picture of a spaceship? there must be loads of good spaceship pictures"

 Well there are loads of good pictures of spaceships, I love spaceships and I could look at them all day, and when I get in to work on Monday I might do just that, but where would be the sport in using one for a track called Disco Spaceship? besides, the old audio gear that you see above is actually made out of cake. You can eat them.

 Now, I'm not known for my euro disco selection, in fact I would go as far to say as I don't really like the 'euro disco' genre all that much, I don't find it to my taste, its too pop heavy without the soul I look for. It reminds me of nostalgic eurovison song contest re-runs for the most part. Now to every sub genre of a genre there is always a champion, the stand out tunes that justify in this case northern Europeans in the late seventies cutting thickly produced disco records. 
 I believe Laurie Marshall's 'The Disco Spaceship' is one of my favorite peak hour dance tracks regardless of genre, it still carries all the hall marks of euro disco, the heavy layers of strings and orchestration, the bombastic arrangement and the cheeseball vocal, but this time its done with a cosmic edge and backed by one of the most powerful hooks in the history of disco..enjoy both the '45 version and the instrumental of the cosmic euro bomb track of all time (go with the vocal version)..

*Laurice (Laurie) Marshall just got in touch to pass on the address of his new website, check it out:

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