Friday, September 26, 2008

Dum Dum Derelict Doctors  

My brain is cloudy from watching a debate between two senators who disagree on a few important issues. Therefore, I'm not sure how much depth I can spew from my spinning head for a post today...Rather, I'll focus on two things I saw in the debate through two different Jesse Saunders tracks.

First off: I'm not sure what this silly song from Saunders is about exactly but it is seething with absurdity which I have seen plenty of in this presidential race, especially in the past week. Additionally, feel free to relate this song to the topic of our nation's health care system in some obscure way (I'm open to suggestions).

Secondly, I'll focus on the mind-numbing rehashing of rhetoric which was very present in the debate (however, this track is loads more fun). Produced under another moniker of Jesse's, Fresh, Dum Dum is an amazing house anthem in a non-traditional sense. It's a mash-up medley where Mr. Saunders scratches and samples other tracks including some Sheila E as well as the other track in this post...all over the top of a simple drum machine track and a repetitive vocal medley consisting only of the word "dum". On a sidenote, there is a lack of live scratching which happens in house and techno these days. Find some old WBMX mixes online to hear the character DJs used to inject into their mixing.

I know Jesse aka Jes Say, the godfather of house, has little to do with the 2008 presidential race in the US of A but maybe he could run for president. I could imagine some vintage sounding patriotic house jam to rally support for him. You can be assured that Barack has my vote secured but without a doubt I would vote for Jesse Saunders over McCain if it came down to it. (And in no way am I comparing Obama to Jesse Saunders in case you were wondering...but I'll bet they are both swell guys.)

Dr. Derelict - Undercover (Remix)

Fresh - Dum Dum

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