Friday, September 05, 2008

Build Me A Bridge  

Here is another bump along the journey between the boogie and the house eras. This track from 1983 by Adele Bertei was produced by Thomas Dolby for Geffen Records. Adele Bertei played keyboards for the legendary New York no wave bands The Bloods and The Contortions. This track has a lot of interesting elements melding together in a cohesive way that must have been shocking at the time. The clean pop production is very apparent, along with melodies that are both dark and uplifting. The italo synths juxtaposed with the choir like chorus works quite well, strangely enough. Thomas Dolby is well known for his 80's synth pop, but he produced a lot of tracks in the decade, including Whodini's first release.

mp3: Adele Bertei - Build Me A Bridge

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