Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cash Dollars  

Alvin Cash was a soul singer and dancer that hailed from St. Louis, Missouri. Shortly after moving to Chicago in search of a record deal, former Motown producer Andrew Williams discovered Cash and helped him record his 1963 debut hit R & B Single "Twine Time". Cash went on to have a few more minor hits and supporting roles in several 70's blaxploitation films including Petey Wheatstraw and Black Jack.

Released as a 7 inch single in 1982 on St. Louis based private label, Gateway Records "Cash Dollars" is a raw soul number with a throwback funky vibe filtered through the more modern prism of early 80's boogie groove. Remaining on the fringes of popularity, Cash continued to make music and performed in the Chicago area regularly until his death from an ulcer in 1999.

Alvin Cash - Cash Dollars

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