Friday, March 28, 2008

Latin Spice  

This is a funky boogie jam that was produced in 1983 by Gregg Carmichael and Mitch Brathwaite. This all star team also produced other jams together along with Patrick Adams. Together they produced several one offs, including: Ya Dog by Clair, I Can't Stop Dancin' by Conversion, and one of my favorites: Push (In The Bush) by Clair Hicks and Love Exchange. With its proto house piano and sparse arrangement it makes me think it would have gone down well at the Garage. A stripped down tune like this can do a good job of giving the hard working Beat Electric crowd a chance to stretch out and relax to prepare for BT Magnum to dish out Fall Into A Trance; when they will have to dance their asses off again.

mp3: Spice - You' re So Nice (Latin Spice) Extended Version

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