Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Good, So Right  

Imagination, a pop disco group from the UK came on the scene with their mind blowing outfits (Romo-erotic stease) in 1981. The concept that Leee John and multi instrumentalist Ashley Ingrams came up with was to create a "slinky, sexy and erotic" group; they succeeded! This group is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Their arrangements are so smooth an solid and the vocals are so well layered. The first track sounds like a primitive version of trance music. The second track it my favorite by the group. It rides a smooth wave that locks the listener into a groove. Then the hand claps come and then, without warning, Leee John's trademark falsetto comes on and take us all to a happier place. I once played this in a club as a sound check (and to raise the eyebrows of the other Beat Electric hosts) and got into a 15 minute conversation with a French dude (the only person in the bar) who had seen them live four times. Good Times.

Imagination - State of Love (Extended Dance Remix)

Imagination - So Good, So Right

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