Sunday, February 24, 2008

Even In The Year 3000  

Slick was a spin off project of the funk outfit Fat Larry's band, consisting of elements of the the rhythm section from said group and managed by 'Fat' Larry James himself as well as also being signed to Fantasy records. Slick was an opportunity for the Philadelphia collective to experiment with a purer instrumental disco sound, carrying the same jazz tinged edge that the Fat Larry Band were instrumental in bringing to seventies funk.

Space Bass is a known classic and is nothing if not appropriately named. This was major underground hit on the UK club scene '79, laden with trippy hooks and the sparse, authoritative production that keep disco tracks popular on the contemporary dance floor even with the uninformed. It has pop cred to spare. I'm pleased with how this recording came out, the vinyl was virgin with a 1983 release with a Patrick Cowley mix of Two Tons Of Fun on the other side, although you can find it on bootleg and it frequently turns up on famous name DJ's comps and cd mixes.

mp3: Slick - Space Bass

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