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Jean-Marc Cerrone is the true embodiment of disco. With his sleazy steaze he brought immense talent to the genre and sold millions of records. He is a French music producer that got his start playing drums in rock bands, and then as an orchestra leader for Club Med. He started putting out records under his own name in 1976 and hasn't stopped since. His first album, Love In C Minor helped craft the sound of disco. The title track at 14:57 long paints Cerrone as the French Barry White. Supernature is an amazing effort that features incredible production and the most solid drumming in disco. The first side of the album is three tracks mixed continuously that are based on a concept of genetic engineering creating monsters that take over the Earth. This concept was revisited recently by Goldfrap in an album of the the same name. Supernature is a Moroderish track with a dark and creepy vibe. It seems to have a happy ending after battles between the monsters and humans (Sweet Drums) and the world learns to get along in harmony (In The Smoke). After the smoke settles, the second side features the track Give Me Love which is a dance floor banger, and possibly his best upbeat track.

mp3: Cerrone - Supernature Side A
mp3: Cerrone - Give Me Love

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