Saturday, November 24, 2007

Secret Boogie Weapons  

Although the Beatelectric DJ's are a tight and friendly bunch for the most part, occasional fisticuffs and BT pounding on my head with his Motorola Q besides, despite this there are a handful of records that we covet dearly and refrain when at all possible sharing the identity of during sets for fear that our DJ friends will be sat on gemm or making calls when the get home to track a copy down. Childish I know, but sometimes you just want to be sure that a track isn't going to be played by anyone else that night, is going to blow up and is far removed from the cannon of dance music standards from which the audience knows. These are the tracks you searched hardest for, hunted down or just lucked out upon, when someone comes over to look at the label you slip it back into your bag and should another collector come up after you play it and tell you casually that they also have one copy to play out and two spare to use as a coaster and frisbee respectively, your heart sinks.

'Its Your Love' by Special-T falls into the above category for me, its not beyond rare if you are actually looking for it, although its not cheap should you find it on the internet etc, but its a relatively obscure boogie track that does not get played out by many and whats more it is beautifully understated dancefloor heat. I heard Morgan Geist play mid way through a mix once.. I wasn't happy..

Here is a beyond crap photo of the sleeve just to add color to the post:

Special-T - Its Your Love.mp3

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