Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Record Keeps Spinning  

Indeep were your not so basic one hit wonder group that completely broke musical ground with their 1982 hit "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life". Thanks to mastermind songwriter/producer Michael Cleveland aka Cold Jam, their sound was a very unique and original blend of New Wave, Post Disco and Proto Hip Hop.

Indeep released two full length LP's and a grip of singles before the project folded in 1985 most likely due to the fact they simply could not score another hit single. Vocalist Rejane Magloire went on to have success in the techno pop group Technotronic, but I am still trying to track down whatever happened to our man Cold Jam. I recently picked up the groups third single "The Record Keeps Spinning" and was blown away by the production value and the timeless, almost modern feel to it. The cut has a slower groove than most dance tracks of the era, but the melody is so infectious and the sonic mastery completely spot on.

mp3: Indeep "The Record Keeps Spinning"

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