Monday, October 15, 2007

Take a Chance  

At my work I am constantly tortured with break-beat acoustic music, and have to run to my office to cleanse myself. I often times use this beautiful track to put myself into a good mood. Mr. Flagio is a group from Italy that produced a couple of incredible italo tracks in the 80's. They had an amazing modern sound that sounds fresh to this day.

mp3: Mr. Flagio: Take a Chance

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3 comments: to “ Take a Chance

  • October 15, 2007 at 5:52 PM  

    This my absolute favorite Italo jam, truer to the genre than Kano who straddled the borderline a bit.

    God bless you Le Baron, whomever you may be, thank the heavens for your miserable work environment.

  • December 20, 2007 at 6:56 AM  

    an absolute belter!

  • October 1, 2010 at 9:59 AM  

    Pure good mood.

    Thx for reminding.