Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Weeks And Company + Shep Pettibone  

Weeks & Co was the brainchild of Richard Weeks (also of The Jammers), and the sound has a proto boogie, heavy synth feel, they produced one LP and their limited work spans the early to mid eighties. Tracks such as 'Rock Your World' can be found on early WBMX playlists and on the recordings of early house sets from the Warehouse in Chicago, but the track I'm putting up for you is 'Knock Knock'. This came as an album version with the powerful soul vocal stabs midway through the track and also as a bonus Shep Pettibone remix, which is essentially an instrumental (of what was already a very instrumental track) with the drums brought out in the mix. I'm going to do a separate piece on the post-disco boogie and electro production work of Shep Pettibone later on when I have collected together and recorded enough of my favorites..

Weeks & Co - Knock knock (album vocal version)
Weeks & Co - knock Knock (Shep Pettibone remix)

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