Monday, September 10, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed  

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Skyy was one of the great disco/funk/boogie collectives from the early 80's. The 8 piece band formed in 1978 and was quickly signed to the white hot NYC imprint Salsoul Records. The band was founded by Randy Muller who was also a member of Brass Construction, and did some arrangements for seminal funky disco act B.T. Express. Take note of their album cover art as well. They had a super hot disco space going that you could only get away with in that era.

"Here's to You" has a near perfect vocal arrangement courtesy of the trio of Denise, Delores, and Bonny Dunning. The 12 inch has become increasingly sought after and costs a pretty penny these days.

"Call Me" was released in 1981 and broke the band as well as being the biggest hit of Skyy's career. It ended up not only on the billboard disco charts, but also topped the pop charts,

Skyy- "Here's to You"
Skyy "Call Me"

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