Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are You Experienced?  

Who the hell is the Joel Diamond Exprience? Joel Diamond was apparently a huge hit writer for the Supremes and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap before discovering his funky side. Somewhere in there he produced this little gem that seems counter to his career as a music industry executive. The subject matter seems a little racy. This track shows a lot of elements that seem to run through late 70's disco. There is a non-cohesiveness apparent, but it doesn't necessarily make the music bad or disjointed. It actually sounds like there are a couple different ideas pasted together that any modern music producer would turn into individual tracks. Maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was too much freedom of expression. Whatever the case, it is fun and ridiculous at the same time. The main vocal sings the innuendo laden lyrics with the subtlety of a Peking opera singer; and the annoying harmonica making sex noises(?) breaks to a wonderful chorus that is smooth and groovy.

AAC: Joel Diamond Experience- Music Machine

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