Sunday, December 06, 2009

Matrix + Weird Ashaye MJ MegaMix  

A couple of unrelated records today, the only thing they have in common is that I pulled them out of the same mildew ridden box in a kindly old geezer's garage. That and I love them both.

Matrix was another one off project by italo funk super producer Sangy (aka Maurizio Sangineto) , who was also well known as the producer behind Firefly, Armed gang etc. Story has it that he would record American vocalists who were stationed by the US armed forces near his home town in Italy. Maybe the strong female vocal on Stay and Take Me Up also belongs to a member of the US Armed Forces, its hard to tell as she is not credited on the record, but the 12" does appear on SugarScoop which was a New York based electro label. Who knows, I could always email him and ask, as he appears to run an online web media production business in Italy now.

Take Me Up was a track I had been looking for for a long while, I had heard it on one of the Argentine Gapul disco compilations but the pressing was bad and the dynamics left a little to be desired, so I was happy to come accross the 12". Its almost a hi nrg take on the electro funk sound. Stay (I Need Your Love) turned out to be the A side and was new to me and is more subdued but with the same amazing bass synth sound.

Are we not allowed to talk about Michael Jackson anymore? Is it a bit late to be making a memorial post? Should I have moved on?. To be honest I would have posted this anyway despite his passing. Its a megamix of covers, intrumentals, versions and reprises of MJ's popular hits by Ashaye and the hit and miss Montage label.

If you spinning and someone asks you to play a Michael Jackson song, and you feel bad about saying no, then this is all you need, fully mixed and twice as funky. Take the opportunity to go have a cigarette and use the rest room.

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